Investment Advice and Wealth Management

We believe that the first step to effective investment management is not product focussed. First of all, we must obtain a clear picture of your objectives, for example whether income, capital growth or both is required. We must also determine time periods involved and the level of investment risk that you are happy to take. We must also consider the taxation consequences of various investments and the most tax efficient structure for your particular circumstances. Once we are satisfied that we have a total understanding of the above, we can start to select suitable products and investments.

Typically, there are five asset classes within our portfolios:

  • Fixed Interest
  • UK Equity
  • International Equity
  • Hedge funds & Alternatives
  • Property

We recognise that no single investment house can be pre-eminent in every area of investment all of the time. By investing in a portfolio of funds from some of the worlds leading investment managers, we can give clients efficient access to these vehicles, combining attractive performance opportunities with strong risk disciplines.

Further information on our selection and filtering process can be provided on request.

Investments are constantly changing and evolving and it would be foolish to assume that things put in place today, would always continue to be the top performers of tomorrow and beyond. Our review process is therefore key to our service offering.

If we believe that an investment is failing to meet our high expectations, our systems can quickly and efficiently produce a list of clients who hold that particular investment. We subsequently make a switch recommendation and post or e-mail this to you, whichever you prefer.

You can contact us to discuss our recommendation or simply return the consent form should you agree. We do not normally make a charge or receive a fee to switch one investment to another so you can be confident that our advice will never be swayed by our own financial gain. We believe that this proactive advice process adds much more value than the "annual review" that the traditional advisory process is based on.