Self Invested Personal Pensions

Pension planning is becoming increasingly complex, with the government offering a range of tax incentives and the pension providers offering a plethora of different products and investment funds. Which options are the best for you personally?

We can review your existing arrangements, suggest improvements and guide you through the personal pension-planning maze to ensure your future needs are met.

Many people come to us having accumulated numerous pensions over the years, none of which have any structure towards the client's retirement objectives. Quite often, the client does not know what they are worth, how they are performing, the charges being levied and what level of retirement income they are likely to provide.

We can advise on the feasibility of a consolidation of old pensions and can provide a jargon free explanation of the above. We can also advise on the suitability of a Stakeholder, personal or indeed a self invested pension.

Company Pensions

We fully understand that each business has its own specific needs regarding pension provision for its employees. Whether you are concerned about an existing pension scheme or considering the introduction of a new auto enrolment scheme, we can help. We have an in depth understanding of the Auto Enrolment regulations and offer a low cost, fixed fee solution ensuring full compliance with current rules and regulations.

We have a dedicated company pension service that can advise on all aspects of pensions in the workplace including Group Personal Pensions, Occupational Pensions and even Final Salary / defined benefit schemes.